How do I love thee? Let me count the ways – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

It is a fine fall this year. The warmth seems to be holding on, allowing just a little bit more time to prepare for the harshness of winter. I ventured out this fall with my sister Kaysee and her fiance Nick. When a couple or family know me they either warm up quickly and we can get great photos right away or it takes longer because “faith the photographer” is not in their scope of reference for our relationship.

For Nick and Kayte it was pretty instant comfort. Five minutes in and she was leaping towards Nick for a high five. She’s an excellent human being and I hope this little photo story gives you a small window into the beauty she shares with the world. You might remember her from a past post about winter weddings because her december wedding is fast approaching and I can’t wait for the challenge.

My sister has faced adversity and it never dampened her, never stole her enthusiasm for life and the ones she loves. It didn’t darken her, rather she used it as an opportunity to grow and deepen her character into something wonderful. I won’t tell you her story, because that would rob you from getting to know this marvelous creature and this post is not about her past but her future. Her future with Nick and how much we all treasure them as a couple.

I really loved Nick for all that he has added to her life. He is interesting, intelligent and a man with depth. My only complaint about him is that he hasn’t bought her a dog yet…..Get on that brother!!  Traipsing around Chesley with them was enjoyable, so much so that time slipped by and my husband and daughter were allegedly starving at home waiting for us.


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