About Faith

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Faith, married to Amos with a daughter Eden and son Judah. When I was 19, I ventured off to school for journalism full of fanciful thoughts of my future as a journalistic photographer. I changed directions in life and pursued a B.A in Counselling because I couldn’t fight the empathetic draw I had to people. Combine that with an interest in human behaviour and it shaped my decisions in a new way. During that time I began photographing weddings, families, focusing specifically on the beauty of relationships and the milestones we achieve. Therefore, as I am in the heart of raising my small family I am acutely aware of the profound meaning a photograph can document. I desire my clients to have artistic, authentic images that will tell their story. I hope these images restore the youth and joy of those moments every time you reminisce looking through them. I do declare, a paragraph does not cover the dimensions of myself and my family, there is a great deal more, but I will save that for our “get-to-know-you.”