Family is the most important thing in the world~ Princess Diana

Spring finally came, and Easter weekend was a fine introduction to the joy it brings. In this part of rural ontario the winter was especially harsh this year and many families opted to cancel their romantic ideal winter photos in hopes that one day they would indeed see green grass again. It was my absolute joy to begin the season with the Grundy Family from Hanover. It was a welcome start after “forever winter, but never Christmas” actually released it’s grips on our county and unwrapped a gorgeous day for a beautiful family. When families are so natural and easy going I can’t help but feel like a part of their family in some obscure way. I see playful dynamics, am shown glimpses of strong relationships. I meet newborn babies and tease brothers. It’s an extraordinary job, one I am thankful to have the privilege of doing.

The beginning of spring does present challenges for choosing outdoor locations, as the whole of nature is still waking from slumber. The Grundy’s chose Ground Effects Landscaping, and it was an ideal location with gorgeous out buildings. This property boasts The Harvest Room, Nursery and landscaping design, many fine weddings, special events and a stone structure entirely made without mortar. I sincerely suggest you explore this building for yourself as it was made with craftsmanship rarely seen. ¬†

I hope you enjoy this post and may it remind you to drink in every blossom, every fresh warm wind and turn your face to the sun.





Grundy Collage 1


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