People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy -Anton Chekhov

Young love on the precipice of marriage is so contagious, it has a special way of reminding you about your own journey. Affectionately bringing back a flood of memories about dreams and what the future holds. The world seemed to possess an endless supply of fantastical options, possibility and adventure was around the corner. Now after 8 years in I feel the most beautiful part about those fresh dreams, the ones from the beginning, is that they are never really over if you choose to believe. Amos and I have grown to realize many of our dreams, some are still developing and evolving and some are new, molded with the same excitement we had before our wedding. Marriage takes a great amount of strength and willingness to work, but don’t stop dreaming together, always, always dream.

Corinne and Nathan are high school sweethearts. The aww of that will never get old for me, I think it’s adorable. Growing up together is utterly romantic. There are about a million country music songs that tell you so 😉  I themed their session to be somewhat on the Christmas side of things. We brought blankets, candy canes, hot chocolate and marshmallows. The whole vision was affirmed when the most soft flutter of snowflakes began to fall. Our main destination was at a quaint Christmas tree farm called Fox Hollow Farms. If you live in the Norfolk and surrounding area pay them a visit and create a lasting memory with your family There is something very nostalgic and grass roots about cutting down your own tree, I highly recommend it.

Merry Christmas to all my friends. I hope you enjoy this lovely couple’s session and it helps to give some ideas to others out there figuring out what to do for their own engagement session. Winter has a gorgeous beauty not to be dismissed, therefore, if you are having a summer wedding really contemplate some winter engagement shots. The cold is a great excuse to get close.


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